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Hello this's "The book of commands : lost symbol" game guide. this page will tell you how to play game include movement besic, emblem system, skills system and equipment. if you download demo and don't know how to play. please read in this page.

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Default Control
This game use keyboard. You can change buttons in game's config.

Accept [Enter]
Use this button for enter in list menu or accept.
Cancel [C]
Use this button for exit in list menu or cancel.
Menu [Esc]
Use this button for Enter MENU for setup/upgrade character or enter config.
Tool [V]
Use this button for open use item list that can help you in game.
Shift [Left Shift]
Use this button for change Class but in this version this function is off.
Attack [X]
Use this button for make normal combo attack you can use up or down for use difference attack
Jump [C]
Use this button for let your Character jump to air. The attack will change when you in air.
Skills [Z]
Use this button for use the skill you setting in skill menu.You can use up or down button for use your skill setting.
Special [Space]
Use this button for use special action of Character class. Ex. Brave knight will use sword for reduce damage.
Up [Up]
Use this button combine with Attack or Skills Button or change in list menu.
Down [Down]
Use this button combine with Attack or Skills Button or combine with jump button when you want to go down from some platform or change in list menu
Left [Left]
Use this button for move your Character.
Right [Right]
Use this button for move your Character.

Hero's Bars
When you start play you will see bars in top-left of screen. This will tell you important Hero's status.

Image for guide

HP [Green bar]
This's Hero's Life point/HP. it will decrease when you was attacked by monster. If you lost all HP the hero will die. You can heal Hero's HP by Green orb, Tool item (V botton as default), Level up.

EP [Yellow bar]
This's Hero's Starmina/EP. Every action will use Stamina you can use attack or skill until you lost all starmina. Then you can recovery EP by stop attack and skill. It still recovery even you move or jump. Another way to recovery EP is Yellow orb , Tool item(Edibles Stuff), Level up.

MP [Blue bar]
This's Emblem's Mystic point/MP. This bar will decrease when use skill. If you not have enough MP you can't use skills. You can recovery MP automatic. Or you can recovery by Blue orb, Tool item, Level up.

EXP [Gold bar]
This's Hero Exp If this bar's full you will got massage "Level up" . Your character will become stronger.

Basic Movement
Let's know how to control the Hero. If you has used to play it will must more fun. ok let's see.

Move - This's Basic of Basic use Left and Right button to move Hero around the Map.

Image for guide

Run - Enter Left or Right button 2time will force Hero to Run.This will fast than normal move.

Image for guide

Jump - Enter Jump button[C] will let Hero jump. You must use this button for move pass the map. You can jump for evade ememy's attack or Jump to back of them for make your chance.

Image for guide

Attack - Enter Attack button[X] will let Hero attack enemy with sword. How strong attack upon Hero's STR & Weapon's ATK. You can repeat attack for use Basic Combo. Beware if you lost all EP you can't use any Attack.

Image for guide

Force Attack - The force attack is skill that can not be set by Skill menu but can use by enter Attack+Direction. Every class have their Force attack skill. Some Force Attack Need unlock in Emeblem menu.
For the first class "Brave Knight" you can enter Force Attack "Upper Slash" by Attack+Up button. This attack will lift the enemy up to air. **Only when they lost guard point.

Image for guide

Jump Attack - You can attack while you jump in air. Jump attack will not same ground attack you can use jump attack, normal attack, Force Attack for manage Basic combo
EX - Attack 1 - Attack 2 - Attack3 - Attack 4 - Upper Slash - Jump Attack 1 - Jump Attack 2
EX2 - JumpAttack1 - Attack 1 - Attack 2 - Attack 3 - Upper Slash - Jump Attack 1

Image for guide

ForceDown - in some platform that you can jump pass you can force hero move down from that platform by enter Down+Jump button ** EX wood platform in picture.

Image for guide

Special Action - Every Class has their special action. You can enter special action by press special button[Spacebar] .For Brave knight special action is Defend when you use defend damage will reduce and don't be knockback until lost all guard point.

Image for guide

Tool - you can enter Tool menu by enter Tool button[V button] if you lost too much HP,MP or infict with bad status You can use tool for fix that. You can get Tool item by collect treasure, drop from enemy or create by use Exchange in mystic room.

Image for guide2

Soul & Treasure
Soul & Tresure is item that you must collect in this game. Let see what's it.

Soul - When you defeat the enemy you will see light orb fly out. Hero call that "Soul". You can collect it by move to that soul or just wait a few sec than they will fry into Hero body.

Image for guide2

This game have 5 Type of Soul
Red soul - You will see this soul everytime you defeat the enemy. You can use this soul for Upgrade Emblem, Unlock Skill & Abillity or use for Create item by Exchange system.
Green soul - This soul will recovery HP.
Blue soul - This soul will recovery MP.
Yellow soul - This soul will recovery EP.
Lime soul - This soul will recovery few HP,MP,EP

Treasure - When you move around the map you will see strange object look like an egg. This's the treasure. When you collect it you will get some item. Another way to get treasure... Defeat the enemy some time they will drop treasure.

Image for guide

Treasure has thier type you can know by see thier color.
Green = Tool
Red = Weapon
Blue = Armor/Accessory
Black = Material
Gold/Pink/White = Rare

Emblems and Skills
You can setup Hero by enter Main Menu with Menu Button [ESC button]. You will see page with 5 choice and some detail.

Image for guide2

Upper right you will see your current map position and soul that you collect lower right will tell you Level and EXP. You can see lot of Hero detail in Status choice. Or check the item you have in Inventory Menu** You can't use tool or change equipment from this Menu.
Ok let see one of important menu "EMBLEM"

Unlock Skill/Emblem Menu
The emblem's source of power of Hero. It help to change weak girl into the knight. but some of power of emblem still lock you can unlock the emblem's power in Emblem menu.
When you enter Emblem menu you will see emblem list(But first stage has only one emblem and demo version has only one stage that why you can see only one emblem) Enter again you will see White Emblem's Tree

Image for guide2

On right you will see emblem's class, sign, name and number. number's emblem level(E.Lv). And you will see a lot orb in tree. For unlock emblem power you need enougth Soul and E.Lv.
- Black orb = You still can't unlock this power.
- Gray orb = you can unlock this power You will see detail in Low-Left of screen.
Cost - soul require for that orb.
Type - Tell you what's that orb.
Skill - unlock skill for use.
Ability - unlock ability of that class.
Status - Plus status when use that class
Lv - upgrade emblem.(Raise E.Lv) **Status will raise and has more max MP
E.Lv - Tell you E.Lv require for unlock this power.
After you unlock power the emblem tree will update. You will see the orb that you already unlock will change color upon type of power that you unlock. And you will see the next orb that you can unlock. ** In demo version some power can't unlock

Set Skill/Skill Menu
After you unlock emblem's power & skill. You can set Skill in "Skills Menu". Same Emblem menu you will see emblem list. Enter it then you will see.

Image for guide2

Left bar will tell you that skill that you setting . Right bar will tell you Skill list**unlock in emblem menu.
You can set 3 skill use per class and can change every time. After set skill you can use by enter "Skill button"(Z button). see 3 block in left bar
1st skill can use just enter Skill button.
2nd skill can use by enter Up+Skill button.
3rd skill can use by enter Down+Skill button.

Image for guide2
Air Blade Skill

When you use skill you must know every skill use MP if you not have MP you can't use skill and Every skill use EP if you lost all EP you can't use skill. You can mix skills, basic attack for manage your own combo.

Another let see when you unlock some ability. You will see it's Force attack That allow you can enter other Force attack.

image for guide3image for guide3

You can check ability unlock in status menu. If ability that you unlock are Force attack you can use that action without setting skill

image for guide3
Earth Break Force Attack

Mystic Room
When you enter dark room and see white object float in air this's the Mystic room. In the full version this's also Save room. Go to white object and enter Attack or enter UP botton you will see menu on right screen

Image for guide2

Exchange - this's menu that allow you to craft item let see detail

Image for guide2

Tool A use tool use for heal your life or clear your bad status
Weapon The Equipment that power up your attack power
Armor The Equipment that power up your defend power
Accessory The Equipment that power up your status and give some ability
Material Item that will be some require of some exchange recive
You need to have enough recipe request. You can see recipe on right screen

Image for guide2

When you craft weapon armor or accessory or got it from treasure. if you need to change the equipment you can use this menu for that.

image for guide3
You can see change of power on right screen

image for guide3

Ok now maybe it can help you understand this game a little bit. Please enjoy. I hope you will have fun.

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