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This is a pack of truly INTERACTIVE tutorials. Here is the list of tutorials included in this pack: 1. Basic Scene Manipulation (getting your feet wet) 2. Scene Hierarchies (basic scene organization) 3. Introduction to Physics (using Colliders and Rigidbodies) 4. Physics Layers (what they do and how to setup the collision matrix) 5. Physical Materials (what they are, how to apply them, how to create and change them) 6. Intro to Cameras (which cameras to use and how to frame your scene properly)

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I’m super excited to announce I’ve finished a series of Unity tutorials. You’re probably thinking “so what? there’s dozens of tutorials out there” and you’re right, but the big difference is my tutorials are interactive. What does that mean? Well it means you load up the tutorials inside the Unity editor, hit play, and you’re learning! I guide you step-by-step through the process of manipulating scenes, setting up physics, and using cameras. There are no tomes of text to read, no videos to wait through, and no pictures to decipher. You’ll hear my voice tell you what to do and as soon as you’ve done it, we’re off to the next step. If you’re at all thinking about learning some game development, now’s the time. Grab this tutorial and you’ll be piecing together levels in no time

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Garyn Dakari
Garyn Dakari

Cool, I'll try this out tomorrow.

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Does it teach how to set up a framework for a basic complete game?

As in:

Intro -> menu system -> gameloop -> menu system -> exit.
A game manager
Saving/Loading data
Menu system with options

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Cool, ive managed to get my models into Unity, apply texture and bumpmap, after this i get abit lost. Hope this helps me as i am a noob unity user.

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