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Some general information DO NOT USE OFFICIAL TEAM NAMES like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. Use abbreviations like R. Madrid instead. Don't use official symbols like team badges, either. Bygfoot doesn't have a licence for these things. However, you can make a file containing official names and send it to me. See this section for instructions. Bygfoot definition files are UTF-8-encoded text files in XML format.

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Naming conventions
Suppose you make a definition for France. The corresponding country file should be named country_france.xml.

If there are 4 leagues, say, the definition files should be called league_france1.xml to league_france4.xml.

If there is a national cup called, for instance, Coupe de France, the corresponding definition file is cup_france_coupe_de_france.xml (the important part is cup_france, you can choose the rest; you could also call it cup_france_coupe.xml if you like).

If there is a supercup called Supercoupe de France, the file would be something like cup_supercup_france.xml or so (it starts with cup_ because supercups are just a special type of cup).

All these structures -- country, league, cup -- have to have a unique string identifier (abbreviated sid; see the xml file examples below). The sid and the part between country_ and .xml (or cup_ and .xml for cups) have to be the same. The sid of the first league in France would be france1. The sid of the cup would be france_coupe_de_france. Now this is not only a convention, it``s a must if you want your definitions to work.

To refer within definition files to other definition files, you use the sid. E.g. to specify that 3 teams from the first league in France get relegated to the second league, you have to use the sid france2 in the prom_rel element (see below).

All these files should be moved to a separate subdirectory of $HOME/.bygfoot/definitions, in this case perhaps $HOME/.bygfoot/definitions/france. The game should be able to find them there and you can select country_france.xml from the popdown menu in the startup window (if no users are selected yet).

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