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This is a short lesson on the basics of what is currently Space Alpha

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The Basic, Basics of Space Alpha

So to start off the space battle you have a space station. Depending on which team you chose to begin the battle depicts what side you will be on, 1 is Republic, and 2 is CIS. You will start off generating enough income to buy Venators and Dreadnoughts, Frigates and Invisible Hands. First thing you want to do is build up a good defense of fighters and ships.

Now Fighters are important, if you don't have and fighters you wont conquer anything. Reason being Fighters are the only things that can take out ships and are fast enough to scout for planets ( if you have fog enabled).

Now your asking "why even have the ships in the first place?", because they are the only ones that can make fighters and garrison the planets.

What do garrisoning planet do? They help you gain a upper hand in the battle by granting you more income than the enemy. Thus making you able to produce more ships to overthrow the enemy. So if you loose a planet, you loose money. How do I defend against fighters? Easy just have bigger ships deal with the fighters.

How do I use the hyper drive? Tap the hyper drive action to the right, a new range ring will show up, tap in the range ring and off you go!

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