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How to play this game, the Key to the Long Lost City, as well as some stuff about it, too! Please read before playing game.

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Key to the Long Lost City


The controls to this game are actually quite simple. You can move in all 4 directions, using all 4 arrow keys.

Loading and Saving

To save, press the F5 key. To load, press F6.


The Stickman
A self-explaining man and the main man. He's the only one that survived after the Red Wizard stole the key!
The Red Wizard
After he tricked everyone into voting him mayor 50 years ago he's had access to a key that, if removed, turns off time for the city!
Scary the Crazy Caterpillar
The Red Wizard payed Scary big bucks to be his campaign manager and now is the bodyguard of the Red Wizard.
The TNT Monster
An all-out bad-one. With 15 boxes of TNT there's no stopping this nutball (oh yeah, and he's Scary the Caterpillar's sidekick, too.)

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