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This will teach you the basic mechanics and controls of the game.

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Welcome to the how to play of Roadkilling Spree II.


Arrow keys move.
L Ctrl honks the horn.
Esc quits the game.
(Main Menu) Space starts the game.


Lives: How many times your car is allowed to explode.

PKS Left (or Pecks Left): How many pecks (hits from a chicken) you're allowed to receive before exploding.

Score: Measured in tens, it's basically how many enemies you've killed. It can be posted on the high score screen once you get there.


Main Menu: Press space to start, or esc to exit.

High Score: You are taken to this after losing all lives, winning the game or running out of time. It allows you to post a name and your score on a list.

End Screen: This screen is posted after you end the game. (Exit the game) It will give you important information on the game and you should read it so we both don't get in any legal trouble.


Main Objective: Run over all enemies to advance.


Avoid: Getting pecked, running out of time, exploding and missing enemies.


Female: Woman wearing red clothing and carrying a suitcase. Will run away when she sees the player.

Male: Fat-ass man wearing a white shirt with a smiley face on it as well as blue jeans. Will run away when he sees the player.

Pet/Chicken: A chicken. Not a girl or boy. Just a chicken. When the player approaches, if the player rams straight into it while the chicken emits its designated sound the player will be pecked. It's best to alert the chicken, and then back away, and then start chasing it. Will run away when it sees the player.

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