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Post tutorial RSS [HOW TO PLAY] Create Hamachi conection to play online

You can't wait the online build (or bring 9 friends to a lan party) to play Aces. Good, us neither! Find out how to play online using Hamachi and local network simulation (it's super easy and free !)

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Hello, in few steps you and you're friends will be able to play Aces but ...

- first download Hamachi (the unmanaged version) here:

then install it and lauch it.

- Two cases then

-> if you are the Host of the game (someone have to take responsibilities):

- You will need to create the network.
- For that click on "Network" then "Create a new network"

( keep the name simple so your friends don't hate you)

- Your network is now created (yay!)

Important note: as you may have seen there is a limited slot per network. So if you plan to play at 10 the Host need to create several networks.

- Gratz man,your job as a host is done. You can launch Aces and host a game !

-> If you are a regular player

- You will need to join one of the Host network
- For that click on "network" tehn "join existing network"
- Fill with the name&pass your friend Host gave you and join

- Gratz you've just joined the Host network, you can now see the Host IP note it

- You can launch Ace and join the Host's game by filling the Host's IP you just noted !

- Click the "Join" button and enjoy !!! From there it's like you're playing in LAN have fun!

NOTE: it's only a temporary way to play Aces, it just allow you to play easily while we're working on the true online and the server browser thingy !

OTHER NOTE: if you have no friend wanting to play with you (shame on them) go to our forum to find or plan games with other guy or us !

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