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WIZARD XENO-MOD - ALPHA VERSION 1.0 This mod add new weapons, researches, monsters, an much more, besides the extra challenge.

Posted by on - Basic Installers

+50 New Ranged Weapons!

+45 New Ammunition types

+20 New Researches (Hole New Research Tree)

+7 New Meele Weapons

+5 New Equipments

+40 New Explosives and Grenades

+100 New Particles Effects!

+150 New Projectiles!

+254 New Sounds!

+25 New Ground Images (will work on more on final version)

+100 New Xenophedia Images!

*F-5 Tiger (3rd Gen)
*Mig-21 Fishbed (3rd Gen)
*F-15 Eagle (4th Gen)
*Su-35 Flanker (4th Gen)
*Su-PAK FA (5th Gen)
*F-22 Raptor (5th Gen)
*J-20 Chengdu (5th Gen)
*Swan (6th Gen)
*Falken (6th Gen)
*Hammer (7th Gen)
*Sonda (7h Gen)

+20 New Aircraft Weapons

+50 New Alien Weapons (From X-Division Mod, will be on final Version if Author is OK with that if not i will have to remake them all)

+New IA attributes (Aliens are more tuff!)

+New UfoContents (UFOs will have more aliens per ship and extra of different types)

+Dozens of New Alien Sub-Species and Alien Sub-Types
(+3 new Colors for each major species, plus some surprises :D)


1) Put the XCE mod folder (Requeriment) on the assets/mods folder.
2) Put the Wizard/XDivision mod folder on the assets/mods folder.
3) On the Launch Menu, click on Modding Tools and set this mod to 1st Priority then put the XCE mod behind it.

PS - This mod is still alpha testing and might contain errors; please report me back so i can fix them and realease Beta. This mod might contain non-used elements of X-Division mod on its code; ignore that will be removed on release version.

Special Thanks: X-division mod team, for i use that mod as base-learning to build my own. I still using the Xenomorph from X-Division mod and will maintain it on final version if the author(s) give me full permission. Also to XCE mod team and the community, and to all the authors from the weapons and pictures all over the internet.

'Copyrights': this mod is free to use/test and must never be used by me or any third party for getting cash, its a free work made from other people free work too, and should be free forever!

Spicebomb - - 120 comments

After recently discovering xenonauts and x div, I think your mod gives a lot more choice than x div. It's quite clean but you could do with a few more armour variations for troops. Nice

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