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a tutorial how to install the mod for 1.5.2 of Minecraft

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

version 0.3.2 of the mod
Forge Universal
instalation instruction:
1. download forge universal & the mod.
2. extract files for both forge & the mod.
3. open the forge folder and copy all files.
4. paste the forge files in minecraft.jar (located in .minecraft/bin)
5. open the folder in the mod. make sure it's extracted.
6. copy the folder called resources. make sure it's the folder not the files inside it. then paste it in .minecraft. make sure to give permission to overwrite files if you got older versions of the mod. if you don't do this part there WONT be any sounds in the mod.
7. go back to the folder (awaken dreamsv0.3.2). open up the folder called "minecraft". copy all the files and paste it in the Minecraft.jar (located in .minecraft/bin).
now the mod should work for you. if you got problems after following this short tutorial please delete these files:
the folder called META-INF inside the .jar
open up the folder Config (in .minecraft) then find a file called AwakenDreams.cfg
delete that file and the mod should work.
if you still got problems or have questions please leave a comment below or send me a pm.

* increased size for some weapons
*ruby ore is now found in worlds
*updated to 1.5.2
* updated several weapons & items
* changed the elven short sword to; dwarven axe of Moria
* uruks & orcs work again
* fixed textured for weapons & blocks
+ added background music (different songs for each biome)
+ added the one ring (functional)
+ added The Horn of Gondor (functional)

known bugs:
* texture for Sharku's short sword is missing
* the pipe is temprorary removed
* the rucksack is temprorary removed
* hobbit textures are messed up
* hobbits fall out of the world
* humans fall out of the world
* the one ring only works for a short time period
* mobs attack you while being invincible with the ring
* other rings have no function
* you can't plant new plant in pots
* no AI for heroes yet

gnomewookie - - 1 comments

I've done everything exactly to procedure but there is no change in my game,is there something I am missing?

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MacbethTheTyrant Author
MacbethTheTyrant - - 390 comments

we got an installer now so this is no longer needed. now you can just download the exe file and run it, then just simply say next etc like any other game you would install.
btw make sure to have an backup of your MC maps

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