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a quick tutorial on setting up No More Pain! on a windows 7 computer.

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Setting up No More Pain! on a windows 7 is a really, really simple task and requires minimal effort so long as you know what you are doing. I will break this into a tree or step system to help you out:

If you have downloaded a version of the alpha that contains an automatic installer then please uninstall all older versions and install this one by following the instructions on screen. No More Pain! has not setup any logo's for it's game yet so you will see a default icon in your windows 7 task pane.

---.ZIP or .RAR---
If you have downloaded a version of the game that is in a .zip or .rar folder then you will need to download an un-zip application that will then allow you to access the game and it's files. I recommend using WinRar as it is the un-zip application that I am currently using. Once you have extracted/un-zipped your folder then please just click on NoMorePain.exe and your game will start.

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