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How to get your Level featured in the Game, by following these quick and easy steps

Posted by on - Intermediate Level Design/Theory

1) How to create multiple save states

Accessing the Location of your Local Game SaveTo create multiple save states you'll need to be able to access the location of where your local game data is saved.

In order to get there Right-click on RobocraftX in your Steam Library and click on 'Properties'.

In the window that opens, click on the 'Local Files' tab and then click on 'Browse Local Files'.

From there Open 'RobocraftX_Data', then 'StreamingAssets' , Then 'Games', then 'Player', and finally 'Game_00'

Here you will find a GameSave.RCX file. This is your local game save.

Making Multiple Game SavesNow you know where your game save is, you can copy this file to anywhere else on your computer

I have a folder on my desktop just for my RCX gamesaves

If you want to make it easier to remember what that save file was, you can rename it to something more appropriate

Like 'Joshs_Amazing_Parkour_Level.RCX'

It's important that the file keeps the .RCX at the end, otherwise us/you won't be able to use that file.

Loading a gamesave you saved else where on your computer.
If you want to load a gamesave you saved earlier, simply copy the file and paste it in the same location as you found it in order to save it out.

Make sure you name it back to GameSave.RCX, otherwise the game won't recognise it

Then, load the game up, click on 'Play Games' and click on 'Your Game' at the bottom of the list.

2) Contents that need to be included

There are 3 files that need to be included. With specific requirements.

1) Your gamesave that ends in .RCX
2) Your Game details
3) A Thumbnail.jpg file which shows off your creation

This is the file you would have found in the previous section. It doesn't matter what name you have given this file, provided it ends in .RCX as this is the format we need the gamesave to be in.

Your Game DetailsYou will need to create a text file which has the following information

  • Game Name
  • Game Description
  • Creator Name

This is the information that will be displayed on the Playscreen, so try to create a catchy title and make sure the description correctly describes what users can expect from your level. If you don't want to be named, Please Write Anonymous or N/A for the creator name.

We will read through these details to make sure they are appropriate for sharing, failure to make an appropriate game details file will result in your level being turned down for featuring.

ThumbnailThe thumbnail MUST be a .jpg AND has to be 1920x1080 pixels. Please also try to keep the size of the image to less than 1MB.

Inappropriate images or images that don't accurately represent the level will result in the level being turned down for featuring

3) Where to Send the File

To send us the files head over to our discord Discord.gg and post a zip folder with the files mentioned in the section above, in the #game-sharing channel.

This way we have a central place for all the game saves people are sharing which allows us and you to browse these files.

If we enjoy your game, we'll feature it in the Play Games screen and give you an exclusive Level Creator Role in the Discord Channel..

We look forward to all the amazing creations you'll make, and can't wait to play your levels ourselves.

Happy Experimenting


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