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Post tutorial RSS How to add coloured lighting to Solitude maps

A tutorial by one of Solitudes mappers on how to get coloured lighting into Solitude maps!

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How to add coloured lighting To Solitude maps
By Arkage

Step 1: Getting the files and setting them up.
I will assume that you have Worldcraft v3.3 and the quake adepter installed.
We will need this light compiler by Tyrann to compile our colored lighting.

Copy the Light.exe from the Zip archive into you worldcraft install and then into the quake tools folder (You should rename the existing light compiler something like Light-BK.exe just in case you need it again).

Now fire up Worldcraft and open up a map (or file > New), now press F9 and click the “Expert” option on the pop up window.
This is the window that you should see:
User Posted Image

Select the option that says “$light_exe $path\$file” now in the right hand window you should see “$path\$file” in the bottom text box. Add “-lit ” in front of it so that it looks exactly like in the pic above.

Now we have told the new light compiler that we want it to export or colored light map to the .lit format, next we will add a new command that will tell Worldcraft to copy this file to our destination map folder to save us a bit of time.

Click the new button to add a new command to the list, then over in the righ hand side click the “CMDS” button and select copy file and copy and paste this into the parameters box “$path\$file.lit $bspdir\$file.lit” and make sure that the use Long file names check box is checked.

It should now look like this:
User Posted Image
Make sure all you options on the left hand side are checked!!
Now we are finish setting up worldcraft.

Step 2:
Punch the air tirumptly or simile or just do nothing, what ever one you feel like .

Step 3: Placing the colored light entity’s.

Place a normal light entity where ever you want it.
Then with it selected press ALT + Enter, now you will be granted with the light properties window.
Click the “Smart Edit” button and then the “add” button at the bottom.
You should now see this window:
User Posted Image

In the key field type “_color” and for the value field enter the RGB (in that order) value of the color that you want. Eg. 255 0 0 would give you bright red.
Then press ok.

Here is an example:
User Posted Image

That’s it you should now be able to have colored lighting in your maps :) (make sure to compile in expert mode)
So now get working on those maps and show some pic’s in the forums!

ps. now Joe wait no more ;) .

Added: Setting map options.

User Posted Image

Sun light (light that comes from the sky textures):
Go to map > map property's.
Then click on the sun light option and then set the brightness.
The sun light mangle sets the direction that the light comes from. Yaw(0 to 360) pitch(between + or - 90)
You can also use smart edit to add "_sunlight_color" and then set the color of the sunlight in the same way as for normal lights.

Ambient light:
This sets the minimum light value for the whole map.
You can also use smart edit to add "_minlight_color" and then set the color of the sunlight in the same way as for normal lights.

iwantalife - - 455 comments


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Jukki - - 840 comments

it does not work on psp :(

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Ark_ - - 583 comments

It does but i just forgot to add the fix, will do when i get home.
You can still follow this tutorial to set the map up as the fix is only needed in the compiling processes. Also now that we are using hlbsp this process has changed so rembear this is for quakes bsp format.

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