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A guide to hosting a server on Osiris, including the template for the configuration file you need to run a server.

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Though there are several things you will need to arrange, hosting a server is not a very complex process. This guide will help you through the process of setting up a dedicated server for Full Invasion: Osiris. Once you've gone through this process, we strongly recommend that you join our Discord server, and let one of the developers know that you are hosting a server. That way we can keep track of server owners, allowing us to easily communicate upcoming updates to the mod.

  1. Renting a server
    In order to run a server that does not stop once you turn off your computer, you will need to rent a Mount & Blade: Warband server. There are several server hosts available for this, which can easily be found through Google. The official Full Invasion servers are rented from Oasis-hosting.net, and while we've had nothing but good experiences with them, it is always best to do your own research.
  2. Download the Osiris server files
    Next, you will need to upload the Osiris server files to your server here. Depending on your host, you may have the option to do this automatically. If not, your server host will likely have a guide explaining how you can access your server's files. The server files are identical to the main Osiris download, but without the files that the server doesn't need (like textures and music tracks). Put these server files in the Modules folder of your server, just like you would with the normal mod download.
  3. Add the server config template to your server
    Dedicated servers need a configuration file to tell them what game mode to start, what the server's name is, what factions to load, etc. In the main directory of your server, create an empty text file, and give it a name like "osiris_config.txt". The exact name isn't very important, but you should remember what name you gave it. Open the file, and copy-paste the following template into it:
#The name of the server that shows up in the server list
set_server_name FI_Osiris_Server

#The message that pops up when players join the server
set_welcome_message Welcome to our Full Invasion: Osiris server!

#The password for the server. Keep the "#" in front of it if you don't want your server to have a password
#set_pass [your password here without brackets]
#The password needed to get admin rights on the server. This is required!
set_pass_admin [your admin password here without brackets]

set_enable_valve_anti_cheat 0

set_mission multiplayer_iv

#Make sure to set these numbers to the amount of slots your server has. For example, a 50 slot server should be set to "50 50"
set_max_players 200 200
set_num_bots_voteable 100
set_combat_speed 2
set_maps_voteable 1
set_factions_voteable 1
set_force_default_armor 0
set_friendly_fire 1
set_melee_friendly_fire 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 1
set_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 1
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_friend_ratio 1
set_melee_friendly_fire_damage_self_ratio 1
set_kick_voteable 1
 set_ban_voteable 0
set_control_block_direction 1

#Map names:
# training_grounds        #non-invasion only

# amon_hen
# atlantis
# blackstone_coves
# brytenwalda
# cliffs
# dale
# echo_dock
# fairking_farm
# gates_of_argonath
# jakamet_castle
# ku_moku
# multhorne
# paths_of_the_dead
# pentacsis
# port_defence
# rivacheg
# shariz
# siege_of_hornburg
# snowy_valley
# stanley_fortress
# tomb_of_horrors
# triax
# urogash_morat
# uxkhal

#Set the standard map that loads when your server starts here. Subsequent "add_map" lines will add more maps to the standard map rotation on your map.
set_map multhorne
add_map stanley_fortress
add_map gates_of_argonath
add_map shariz
add_map brytenwalda
add_map echo_dock
add_map snowy_valley
add_map paths_of_the_dead
add_map uxkhal
add_map siege_of_hornburg
add_map jakamet_castle
add_map atlantis
add_map urogash_morat
add_map cliffs
add_map rivacheg
#Defender Faction IDs: 
# Arcane Empire       = 22
# Calradia                = 23
# Crusaders             = 24
# Sigmar                  = 25
# Greco-Persians      = 26
# Lord of the Rings   = 27
# Saracens              = 28

#Invasion Faction IDs:
# Blackmarch            = 29
# Calradia                 = 30
# Chaos                    = 31
# Crusaders              = 32
# Free Peoples         = 33
# Greco-Persians       = 34
# Isengard                = 35
# Mordor                 = 36
# Saracens               = 37

#Set the standard factions that load when your server starts here. Combined with the maps above these dictate the standard rotation of your server. For example, if the second map is atlantis, and the second set of factions is 24 34, your server will automatically move to Atlantis, with the factions set to Crusaders vs Isengard. Make sure you always do a Defender faction ID first, and an Invasion faction ID second!
add_factions 22 33
add_factions 27 37
add_factions 25 34
add_factions 28 29
add_factions 24 30
add_factions 22 31
add_factions 27 29
add_factions 23 36
add_factions 25 32

set_randomize_factions 0

set_team_point_limit 1000

set_upload_limit 100000000
set_auto_team_balance_limit 10000

set_port 6988

#This is where the logs of your server are kept. Every line of chat, and all IDs of the players who join your server can be found in the logs here. 
set_server_log_folder LogsFI2

#This is the ban list of your server. If a player is permanently banned by an admin, his ID is added to this list. To manually (permanently) ban a player, add his ID on a new line to this file. 
set_server_ban_list_file LogsFI2\ban_list.txt

 4. Customize your config file 
The configuration file above is only a template, and you will need to customize it a bit. 
Enter your server's name, admin password, password (if you want one), welcome message, 
max amount of players, and standard map and faction rotation as detailed in the template, and save that. 

5. Set the correct port in the config file

Your server has a port that allows players (and Warband itself) to connect to it. Look in your server's admin panel to see if you can find either the port (usually 4-5 digits), or the full IP address with the port added to it (for example: In this case 6988 is your port). Update the set_port field in the config file to use this number.

6. Run your server
Once your configuration file is set up, make sure your server is set to run the correct module and config file (this is where the name you gave the config file comes in), and run your server! If all went right, you should be able to join the game and find your server in the server list. Keep in mind that servers that just started running are usually seen by the game only when it reaches the end of the list of servers it's loading, so don't panic if you don't see it show up right away.

Additional notes:

- If you run into issues while setting up your server, feel free to ask for help on [our Discord server]. If you run into issues because you can't find certain things on your server's host's website, it's probably easiest to contact the support staff of your server host. Hosts all tend to have their own design and interface, so options that may seem easy or straightforward to us might not be so for you.

- If you want to permanently ban a player, but would prefer not to wait until he joins your server again, you can ban them manually. All you need is their player ID, which can be found in your logs if that player has joined your server in the past. If no players are permanently banned from your server yet, the ban list file does not exist yet, so you will need to make it manually. Simply look at your config file to see where you should put the file, and what it should be called. By default this is "LogsFI2\ban_list.txt". Simply paste the player's ID in that file (and maybe add a note who that player is and why they were banned. Make sure you add a # in front of any text you write) and save it.

- The server's logs are split up per day. Logs older than a week are automatically removed to make sure the server does not get bloated by log files. If you want to keep a particular day's log around, make sure to make a copy of it before it gets removed.

- As mentioned above, if you have a server running, please let us know so on our Discord server. That way we can let you know if we have an update for the mod, or if there's a player going around that you may want to watch out for. Simply send a PM to Maroon or Borridian and they will add you to the list of server owners.

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