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Post tutorial RSS Hammer Tutorial - Headcrab hanging from ceiling

A headcrab that are hanging from the ceiling is good at dark areas not so well in bright areas...

Posted by on - Intermediate Level Design/Theory

"the tutorial in text"

1. i will show you how to make a headcrab hanging from ceiling

2. create a npc_headcrab_fast on the ceiling.

3. now go into "flags" and uncheck "keep corpse" and check "start hanging from ceiling"

4. find the trigger-tool and make a box were you want the headcrab to start dropping down

5. press ctrl-T and make it to an "trigger_once"

6. give your "npc_headcrab_fast" a name

7. go to your trigger and go to "OutPuts"

8. press "add..." - "OnTrigger" - "(NameOfTheHeadcrab)" - "DropHangingFromCeiling" - press "apply"

9. now your done!

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