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Here you can see the Game Controls for Ghost World 3D. This text is not included in the Ghost World 3D v0.93 Download, but later it's in the GW3D v0.94 and higher download.

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GhostWorld 3D Game Controls for print or view
(The Gamepadkeys for the CSL C180 Gamepad are here, too)
for GhostWorld 3D v0.94 or higher (the most are for v0.93 and lower, too)

Last Update: 23.03.2016
Author: Daniel Opitz

-Print this Textfile out for easier gaming.
-Press 't' to see the German Game Controls while you play Ghost World 3D
(The Key 't' like the german word '(T)astaturmenü').
But its better to print this Textfile out, because only this is in English.

Moving: Press the w,a,s,d - Key or the up/down/left/right arrow - key

look around: -Mouse (looking left/right, up/down)
-Num-4/Num-6 (looking left/right)
-Num-2/Num-8 (looking down/up)
-Num-5 (Reset the looking)

S.-Packet: 4=Open/use a collected or bought red Surpise-Packet
Weapons: 1, 2 or 3=Activate the first, second or third Weapen
(The Shot/missile, the surface weapon or the Ghost Catcher)
Use the next/previous possible Weapon=Spin the Mousewheel for- or backward
Strg/Ctrl/Left Mouse Key=Use the activated Weapon

Pause/p (P)ause the Game (The key 'P' like the P in the word 'Pause')
F1 Calls the Game-Help Menu
F2/F2 For show Control-Messages or not (Anti-Aliasing Level, DirectX Errors, File Errors, ...)
t Show the the Game Controls (Keyboard Layout and Mouse use)
k Show the buying-Menu
F3 Show the Save-Game-Menu

b Make a Screenshot from the game and save it on the harddisc
(you can not made more as 90 Screenshots!)
v,V/Ende (v)ideorecord. (V)=with Sound, (v)=without Sound. (Ende)=End the Videorecord. Max 9 Videorecords!

3D-Glasses Mode: F5=activate/deactivate this mode during gameplaying
strength of 3D Effect: F6=Normal. F7=decrease/F8=increase the 3D Effect

F12 Boss-Key (End the Game directly without saving it before)
Esc Go to the Game-Menu

At Menu
Arrow up/down: Change a entry from the given Menu
Arrow right/Return/Enter Confirm/Run the selected Entry
Arrow left Go fast back to the other Menu
Letter Fast select of an Menu-Entry (Example: press 'S' for '(S)piel-Menü,
instead of use the arrow-keys and so on.

Not useable for Gamers! (Only for Control-Purposes of the Programmer)
(q/y, Picture up/down=Fly up/down. This Works only, when 'BlickVomHimmel' is active)
(F9=wireframeview on/off, when 'Freischaltcode' in 'Inidatei' is right)

Gamepad-Keys (first time only for the CSL C180 Gamepad)

-From all existing Gamepads Ghost World 3D work at the moment only with the CSL C180 Gamepad.
When you have another Gamepad, you can try to use it in GW3D. But then it's not guaranteed,
that it work correctly with GW3D. Then it can be, that some Buttons don't work, or that there are problems with the controll of the player, or that there are other problems.
-You must plug your CSL C180 Gamepad into your PC (USB)/connect it with you PC,
BEFORE you start Ghost World 3D. Otherwise, you don't can use it in GW3D.
-It seems, that since December 2015 the Cross-, Circle-, X- and Squarebutton from this Gamepad
are from now on away from this Gamepad. Instead there are Numbers (1,2,3 and 4) on this Buttons.
The Gamecontrolls in GW3D are for the Gamepadversion with the Cross-, Circle-, X- and Squarebutton
instead of the 1,2,3 and 4 Button.

Moving: Left D-Pad/directional pad (vorward/backward/left/right)=Your Go-Direction

Look around: Move the right Thumbstick/Analog (left/right, up/down)=Your View-Direction
Push the right Thumbstick/Analog down=Fast View-Reset (if the view misaligned)

S.-Packet: *Square-Button
Weapons: *Triangle-, *X/Cross-, or *Circle-Button=Aktivate the 1., 2. oder 3. Weapon
(The Shot/missile, the surface weapon or the Ghost Catcher)
R1-Button/1.right Shoulder Button=Use the activated Weapon (Shot/missile, etc)

Pause: START-Button=Pause the Game
Buying-Menu: L1-Button/1. left Shoulder Button=Show the buying-Menu
Save-Game-Menu: L2-Button/2. left Shoulder Button=Show the Save-Game-Menu (to save your game)

Game-Menu: SELECT-Button=Go to the Game-Menu while you play

Control-Messages: R2-Button/2.right Shoulder Button=Show Game-Control-Messages or not (Anti-Aliasing Level, DirectX Errors, File Errors, ...)

*=or at newer Versions of the CSL C180 Gamepads a special Button from the Number-Buttons 1 to 4 (please try it then out)

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