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Tutorial about realtime Ocean Water Rendering with the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform

Posted by on - Advanced Animation

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In this article I want to present my implementation-based tutorial about realtime Ocean Water Rendering with the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform. I made the tutorial series as a result of my research about Ocean Water Rendering and the Fast Fourier Transform.

The tutorial is splitted into three videos:

First video link: Tutorial #1 - IFFT equation

Second video link: Tutorial #2 - frequency domain

Third video link: Tutorial #3 - spatial domain

Youtube-Channel: VertexGameScope - Youtube

The first video is about the common IFFT-based equation.

Capture 2016 05 22 19 09 45 581

In the second video I explain the Phillips Spectrum and the time dependent frequency domain for the IFFT and how it is computed and stored.

Capture 2016 05 22 19 09 59 734

In the final video the IFFT is performed to obtain the spatial domain, the Water displacement map.

Capture 2016 05 22 19 10 21 298

Capture 2016 05 15 00 31 34 810

All Demos are rendered with my self-developed 3D Engine. It's Open Source on GitHub.

The website is: Curseye3d.com

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