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Post tutorial RSS Falling Snowflakes with Sine behavior in Construct 2

A beginner tutorial on how to create animated snowflakes in Construct 2.

Posted by on - Basic UI/HUD

Hello. I am still a Beginner with Construct 2 but I wanted to share this small example of how to make animated, falling snowflakes with the Sine behavior which I recently created for my new game.

This example uses a single sprite to create snowflakes of different sizes and randomizes the angle and speed of each. The sprite has the Sine Behavior attached which can be set up to use randomized values as well.
Properties of the Sine Behavior

You can tweak the commented parameters in the code to create more or less snowflakes or let them fall down slower or faster.

The complete code:

Code to create the snowflakes

I hope this Tutorial is helpful for someone. Merry Christmas!

You can see a live demo here:

View the Demo

Download the .capx for Construct 2

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