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This tutorial shows you how to get access to the Programming Mode, and enable USB on your PSP through Mario Kart PSP.

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

Some of you might have noticed that there is a Programming Mode in Mario Kart PSP. But how do you access it? What is it good for? Read the tutorial below to see how you can access the Mario Kart PSP Programming Mode.

1) Start Mario Kart PSP

2) Go to Retro Mode, and choose any language you want. [example: Fran├žais]

3) Start Retro Mode, and choose any character you want. [example: Waluigi]

4) In any track you can pause by pressing START. Do that!

5) Press SELECT when you're in the pause menu. And if you have your PSP connected to the PC, you hear the USB tune.

Now what is this good for? Some people want to customize their own tracks, and play them. They don't need to go all the way back to the XMB, so it saves time. This was a easy way for the programming team, but it seems that users also were interested.

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