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Plot twists aside, the mechanics of the prestige system deserve some explanation.

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Plot twists to come aside, the mechanics of the prestige system deserve some explanation.

A model from a specific vendor can only equip modules from that same vendor, with the exception of the OpenSource models, which can fit any item (within the model's capabilities) from any vendor. In the same way, an OpenSource module can be equipped on any vendor specific model.

A hybrid model will see the advantage of mixing-and-matching balanced by a reduction in the effectiveness of the chassis/modules employed due to the non-original drivers (that's right, and you know it). Conversely, a "purebreed" model, completely made of parts from one vendor, is labelled as a "Prestige Bot".

During the Encounter, each kill by a bot will fetch an amount of Prestige from the vendors of the parts that make up the killer. Such Prestige goes towards unlocking more models, equipment, more spacious motherboards and is tracked individually for each vendor. A Prestige Bot sees an increase in the prestige gained for each kill compared to a hybrid. A Team composed uniquely of Prestige Bots from the same vendor, should it win the Encounter, will see, as a Prestige Team, a massive bonus in the prestige gained at the end of the match.

I promise it is much simpler to do than to write down.

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