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In the following tutorial I explain how to use my modding tool to edit, create and view items and troops. Make sure you have saved the original "Beat the Boss" mod folder first, because the scripts of the Creator aren't always up to date and will overwrite the existing ones!

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Use this Tool on your own risk or interest because the tool will work a little bit different in the future but not at the moment. So if you have problems with the tool with creating or editing of something, there won't be an update for this version of the tool. But I could still help you out if necessary!
Also the current tutorial is for an older version of the mod I am working on so don't expect it working very well.
It is still only an experimental kind of thing and just published for testing purposes what some of you wanted.


1. New Troop:

This opens up a little window with a listbox a textbox and a button. In the listbox you can choose a faction for your troop. Below in the textbox you type in the name of your troop. You can ignore the checkbox if you don't want to use this troop in singleplayer mode or does'nt want a "s" behind a group of your troop.

After you pressed the "create" button you will get this window [example = troopname]:

Now you can change the values.

If the number is read, you should change the value because it is probably too high or low for the module.

After you changed the values you also can add or remove some items. Items you want to use in the multiplayer mode aswell you have to select in the listbox and click "ADD" next to the "Items (multiplayer)" listbox. Also you can change the name again if you changed your mind. The next step is the Knowledge. Add what you want and select a number between 1 and 10 if needed.

The last step is the face. Choose a facecode for each list (face1 and face2).

Your soldier or what ever should be ready now and you can press "Save" to save it.

To check, if your new created troop really is created you could press "Load Troop" and search your troop with the scriptname. :-)

2. Load Troop:

When you have pressed this button you will get a new window. In this window you can search or scroll for a specific troop with his scriptname. After you have selected a name the window will show the settings (like the picture above) for the specific troop. But you can only view them in this mode.

3. Edit Troop:

With this button all is the same like discribed for the "Load Troop" Button except for the fact that you can edit the troop aswell. You can save after you are finished with your work and all will be saved.

4. New Item:

Now you see a new window. Click the combobox with "armor" already selected and choose the item type you want to create. Almost all of the a selfexplaining except for "none". The type "none" is for special items like the pistol. It is important that you select a compatible type for your item because a horse isn't an armor! :P You can name it what ever you want, but for safety reasons only with letters. Weight could be a problem for moving a character because his armor is too heavy so find a suitable weight.

Then if everything is set press "Create new Item" and continue.

For the multiplayer there is another system of tags so you have to choose a second type for your item. Choose wisely!

new item

In the following step you can see the settings in the main window again and you are able to change everything. Some settings ask for a "mesh". You can skip this the first time and search a mesh. Every item already created needs one so you can search for a suitable mesh in one of the items by pressing "Load item" and scamming throw the different mesh files of each item. Some of the have more than one.

The last point is the "Troopscriptname:" setting. This doens't have to be set or changed but can be. It isn't necessary!

Finally you can save if everything is set and nothing was left out. :)

5. Load Item:

This is almost the same thing like the "Load Troop" button, but this one is for items and you will see different values and settings for each type of item.

6. Edit Item:

This is almost the same thing like the "Edit Troop" button, but this one is for items and you will see different values and settings for each type of item.

7. Save:

If you are in editing or creating mode you can save your work by clicking this button.

You should be asked "Sure?" and then you can accept if you are ready. But it is important to check the settings before press the Save button, because if you have left out field like items, the troop can't be saved and all data of the item or troop will probably be lost (if you are in creating mode otherwise only you changes are undone).

8. Delete:

This button can be used in editing mode and deletes the selected item or troop from the module.

Please use this only as last choice and make a backup everytime before you save or delete something because there could be some unhandeled errors you don't want.

9. Run:

This only works if Python 2.7.6 was setup right and works, if so your module script will be compiled into the "Beat the Boss" module folder and you can test your work.

Some errors are possible and you will see them in the console window. Just try to edit the file with an editor like notepad++ or the default editor and try again if all is fixed.

Otherwise ask me for help and I will figure out what went wrong and try to help you with your problem. ;-)

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