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Sieges are important and exciting aspect of gameplay in Wargame Project. Castles allow players to control territory and train new units. This tutorial describes general siege tactics used by both sides of the conflict.

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Art of Siege

Laying Siege

Each siege logically ends with assault. For assault to succeed a siege must be well laid. There are several basic rules on how to do that:

  • Achieve field victory or gain numerical superiority. Defeat enemy field armies or outmaneuver your opponent to gain this advantage. If you are in a state of parity with your enemy, laying siege may be not the wisest decision.
  • Cut off enemy reinforcements. This is crucial for success. Otherwise fresh enemy forces will arrive to help besieged troops.
  • Destroy enemy supplies. Capture villages. Take out enemy supply carts. Let your enemies starve without food.
  • Bring on siege weapons. Take at least two or three catapults (account for unexpected losses!). Position catapults wisely, to reduce possibility of diversion. Start bombardment!
  • Maintain own supply line. Protect your siege machines and supply wagons well. They tend to be high priority targets for diversions.

Surviving Siege

To withstand a siege. Several things need to be considered.

  • Prepare your own siege weapons (in advance). In case you lose the siege, your could try to lay one of your own to retake lost fortification.
  • Bring reinforcements. But do not rush with small parties, unless it is safe. Usually, enemy will try to surround the castle to isolate defenders.
  • Sustain catapult fire. Sometimes, you have nothing to do but hide behind castle walls. To reduce casualties, fortify your castle, bring a healer and evacuate wounded warriors. Raise a garrison (if possible).
  • Destroy siege weapons. You can spoil enemy plans by destroying siege machinery as it is a vital link in the siege chain.
  • Don't let enemy amass. Unless you are severely outnumbered fight under the walls.
  • Place good units on the walls. Gather veteran skirmishers and spearmen. A hero will also be of great aid to castle defenders.
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