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This tutorial will teach you how to add flags for CTF and Protect game modes.

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  • First place a flag entity in one team's base, then select it and press '.' (dot), "/entset flag 0 0 0 0 0" will appear in the console, the first attribute sets the angle of the entity, the seconds sets which teams owns the flag (1 or 2).
  • Move the caret back to the first zero and change it to the angle at which you want the flag to appear (or leave it 0), and then change the second zero to 1.
  • Next add a playerstart entity, select it and press '.', you will get "/entset playerstart 0 0 0 0 0", the attributes are the same as the flag, so change the second one (0) to 1, then copy it and paste it as many times as you want.
  • Now for the second team, make a copy of the flag we just created, place it in the base of the other team, press '.' and change the second attribute (which should be 1) to 2. Do the same thing for a playerstart entity, change the second attribute to 2 and copy paste it as many time as you want.


"playerstart" [Y] [T]

Spawn spot, yaw Y is taken from the current camera yaw (should not be
explicitly specified to "newent"). If T is specified, then the
playerstart is used as a team-spawn for CTF modes ONLY, where team T
may be either 1 or 2, matching the parameter supplied to "flag"
entities. For all other modes, team T should either be 0 or simply not
specified at all! Note that normal playerstarts are never used for
CTF, and CTF playerstarts are never used for spawns in other modes.

"flag" [Y] T

A team flag for CTF maps ONLY. Yaw Y is taken from the current camera
yaw (should not be explicitly specified to "newent"). Team T may be
either 1 or 2. Playerstarts with a matching team will be chosen in CTF

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