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If you don't like your in-game mug, or any of the provided, this tutorial is definitely for you. Changing or adding new portraits into the game is only a few steps away. Just follow this tutorial.

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There's a number of available portraits in the game that you can use to represent your in-game likeness, but one of the more common questions is I want to import a custom portrait to use for my character. How do I do that?. This short tutorial provides all the answers you need.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Or in this case, you can't get anywhere without a picture. There are only a few things to watch out for when importing an image to use as a portrait.

  • The ONLY image format accepted by the game is .dds.
  • The portrait must be 256x256 pixels in size.

Simple, isn't it? The standard folder where we place portraits is Data\Textures\Characters, but you can place the image anywhere in the game folder. The actual path is linked in the database.

Using the portrait in-game

As usual, the portrait is linked through a database, Data\Base\Portraits.wdt to be more precise.

  • Id - Unique identifier
  • KeyName - Unique keyname used to reference this database entry
  • Name - Name displayed in the DialogueEditor. Not relevant for in-game
  • Texture - Path to the actual .dds image file
  • Gender - Gender flag. 0 = female, 1 = male. Used only for player character creation to filter portraits based on selected gender.
  • PlayerPortrait - Boolean flag telling the game whether to provide this portrait as an option to the player on character creation. 0 = false, 1 = true

As you can already see in the above explanation, to implement player character portraits, you only need this database, taking care of setting the Gender and PlayerPortrait flags.

To use a portrait for an NPC character, add the portrait to the database and simply find it in the DialogueEditor, in the Character tab. Just take care to set the PlayerPortrait flag to 0 in that case. Nothing more to it.

Also, please take note to read about how to properly edit and mod databases.

For further information, please feel free to contact us: modding@starpointgemini.com

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