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Post tutorial RSS Accessing Braid's editor and loading mods

How to get started with modding Braid, including accessing the editor and launching custom universes.

Posted by on - Basic Starting a mod

Braid's readme says that "instructions on how to create mods will be posted separately". Until they appear, we only have the ability to access the editor and enter custom worlds:

Running the editor

To access Braid's editor, run with -editor, then press F11 once the game has loaded.

  • [ and ] : skip levels. You can visit two of the test worlds this way.
  • L : when playing, reload the world. In the editor, move to next entity.
  • Ctrl+I : warp to Tim
  • P : pause
  • T : puts a pink box on the screen. Purpose unknown.
  • Q : change border of highlighted entity from yellow to blue. Purpose unknown

Running mods

To play a mod, run with -universe universe_name.

Save this code to a .cmd file to make things a little easier:

@echo off
dir "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\braid\universes\"
set modname=
set /P modname="Select universe (case sensitive): " %=%
if EXIST "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\braid\universes\%modname%" (
	"C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 26800 -universe %modname%
) else (
	echo    ERROR: Invalid universe name!

Of course, you should change the two paths to Steam if Braid is installed somewhere else on your system.


Hi, just wanted to tell you of some new editor commands I discovered today.

[ and ] can be used to skip levels if -editor is enabled. You can actually visit two of the test worlds this way. (World 0-7 and the default world.)
L in game - Reload world
L in editor - Move to next entity
Ctrl-I in editor - Warp to Tim
P - Pause/Run the game
T - Puts a wierd pink box on the screen. Not sure what this does.
Q in editor (while highlighting an entity) - Changes the yellow outline to a thick blue outline. Not sure what this does either.

I'll comment again if I find more.

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Varsity Author

Thanks, can you add all that directly to the article? Anyone should be able to edit it.

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Hi, here are some more editor commands I found 2day..
e- decrease depth value by one
r- increase depth value by one
ctrl+g- think select same type entities
f9- reloads particles (both in-game and editor)
page up- not sure slightly zoomed out background layer
ctrl+j- previous entity (l and j also work)
f8- deselect entity
ctrl+w,s,a,d- nudge entities

BTW anyone know how to add a collision layer or block to a new map..

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