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ZombieSoup is a rogue-like top-down shooter following the fate of a kid to shoot, loot and dodge tool his way to save a girl from the danger of zombies, monsters, robot and evil genius. You are Ricky, a college kid on backpack seeking his own adventures out in the country. On an ordinary night Ricky woke up on a long journey to a small town. Soon he discovered that the town has been infested by zombies and monsters.

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Here's some small update to our game.

Added some smoke trail to the walk / run of Ricky.

1  Smoke Trail Optimised

Also added new muzzle flash and hit effects.

2  Shoot and Bleed Optimised

Did some small adjustment to the rolling / dodge.

3  Chaos Optimised

We have put a lot of time adjusting the control so far. Trying to make the response and dynamic to be as responsive as possible. Our game currently works well with keyboard and mouse. Possibly soon we'll be able to make it play well with Xbox controller.

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