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Devlog #3 for Zombies in Space, a 2D, sci-fi, metrovania style shooter coming to Steam and Switch in 2022.

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Welcome to the third devlog for Zombies in Space!. In the last 2 weeks lots of new features have been added to the game, along with a lot of polish. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, Zombies in Space is a 2D, sci-fi, metrovania style shooter. My name is Dan Lautzenheiser, I'm the creator of Zombies in Space and a part time indie dev.

Two new guns were added, the short shotgun with its slow but powerful shots and the sub-machine gun with its 900 bullets per minute speed. Also a brand new zombie, the Spitter Zombie, has been added. Its the first ranged enemy of the game and will train the player to deal with the first boss who will have a similar attack.

A lot of new sounds got added to the game, including randomized impact sounds for metal, soft body and plastic objects. The new zombie got a complete suite of sounds from footsteps to random groans to attacking sounds. I plan to revisit the existing zombies to add the same kind of sounds, resulting in a far richer audio experience.

I have also been working on provider better feedback to the player on when they get hit and when they hit enemies. For the player being damaged, the game will now pause for a split second, really mess with the screen, and the player character animations a hit during a short knockback. For the enemies getting hit, they now pause their movement for a split second and move backwards by 1 pixel for each hit taken. This provides the submachine gun with a lot of stopping power.

On the level design front, the tilemap has been overhauled to better differentiate the background from the walls and floor. Also the lighting for the whole level has been redone including new fancy door lights. A background start map has been added, along with some windows throughout the level, especially in the boss room, to add some true depth to the level.

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