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Lockethot explains how he is now working on refactoring the code present in the original ShogunRP to make it faster and bug free.

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Hey all! I'm glad to say that everything is going according to plan. While I work from 9 AM to 6 PM, in the evenings I have begun some serious refactoring of the original ShogunRP's source code. For example, here is a bit of code I updated that handles necromancy and diseases, two features present in the original ShogunRP. My goal right now is to focus only on the module code, and to perfect how it is written while fixing bugs and optimizing along the way. My goal remains to be finish with the client version of the mod on Sunday, and make it available for anyone to download, sources included! Note that I will also be coding a custom server-side version of the mod that includes scripts, and if all goes according to plan, the server side will be ready and our servers will officially go live! The scripted server-side version of the mod will not be available for download, since the scripts I am using were created by someone who doesn't want me to share them with others!

Speaking of our servers, I would like to congratulate Tex in becoming the Head Administrator for the soon to be active SRP2 server in the European Union! He is busy at work, gathering community members and coming up with a plan with them for the server rules and other things. If you are interested in giving ideas to Tex, please join his Steam group he made for the server here. Note that the server rules are not decided yet, and Tex is looking for community input in how the server should be run. If there is a certain Persistent World playstyle that you prefer, now is the time to make suggestions!

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