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Alpha is out and better than ever! With 6 new guns, two player hotseat mode and insane number of zombies to stop. Do you have what it takes to beat it?

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Zombie Hunter inc Alpha is finally out! We have significantly improved since Pre-Alpha and the game is a blast to play.

Zombie Hunter in Alpha is out!

Playing Zombie Hunter inc is a blast!

Call your friends!
The game now supports two-player hotseat mode so you can call your buddy to help out with the zombie rampage.

Armory got bigger
You can now choose from 11 main guns coupled with 3 secondary ones which provide a wide range of strategies to use against the zombies. Moreover, Crawlers can now be smashed by jumping on them.

Hunters got a wardrobe

You can also customize your hunter’s look now. Choose his head, body and leg pies out of a number of clothes and create your own unique style.

In the Loadout menu you can choose your hunter's look and the guns you want to use

Zombies got tougher
You’ve got better tools but now meet stronger zombies. They can grab you, throw you and incapacitate you so watch out when they approach you! The balance has been improved as well and we reworked the rewarding system too. There are also four waves of zombies now and a new boss battle at the end.

Visuals got nicer
Graphics have been significantly improved since Pre-Alpha. We have tuned our lighting and shadowing systems and now killing zombies feel even better. We have also optimized quite a few things and the game runs much faster.

With improoved graphics killing zombies now feels even better

More to come!
Our next milestone is the campaign demo which is scheduled for summer 2014. In it you will be able to taste our campaign mode, where you will fight zombies through the series of levels on the streets of Washington. We also plan to release an updated Alpha version before that time, so stay tuned!

Do you have what it takes to beat Zombie Hunter inc Alpha?

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