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Zombie Cakes is a cooperative wave survival game where you and a partner bake pastries to feed hungry zombies in order to survive. Join us in our developer journey as we try to make Zombie Cakes the most silly cooperative adventure game that anyone can pick up!

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Welcome to our official release for Zombie Cakes our game development project for EECS 494. In our most recent iteration we added a final exit cutscene a level selection and a full reset on days if a player dies during a wave. The motivation of the reset, our main project for the development week, was to give players a chance to replay a day and to change their approach to the game. As well as give them a chance to change what they just spend their money on for upgrades giving them more meaningful changes. Level select was purely for our enjoyment of creating harder levels but not blocking the endgame for beginners.

Next up we would hope to fix all the tiny bugs that still hover over our heads to this day. We will be sending out our game to many student development showcases and try to see if we can get an official publishing. Hopefully we can try and create a smoother gameplay experience after our showcase on December 12th, 2022. We are excited to see the responses of the public and our peers to the results of our months of hard work!

Build: Govis.itch.io





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