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Today we will talk about the fall of ZGame one year on. We will look at the rise and rather fast fall. We will showcase what the team has been working on and the future.

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So it has been about a year since ZGame was cancelled. I started working on the project in the late months of twenty-eleven. Everything at first was going great I achieved a perfect art style inspired by the sprites of the original Final Fantasy on the Nintendo Entertainment System / Famicom. I loved the look and I was quite impressed with myself considering this was my first entry into the indie game market. Every game I have been working on since ZGame has looked awful even though I use an ever better photo editor (Paint.NET by the way, it is free and good) and back then I used MSPaint which alot of people hate.
The original plan was for three episodes each one with a new setting in each episode. The first episode was to be set in a rural American town, the second was to be a fancy city based on Los Angeles and the third another city based on New York. In the first episode you play a detective with a crummy life a bit like Max Payne, two you were a famous actress who was brave enough to fight the undead and three you were the most unlikely of heroes an indie game developer.
Now in the description I said something ironic I said '(A side note the third episode will come out, we are not Valve :D)' what a stupid thing to say. Atleast Valve released Episode 1!
Now after a long time of thinking I thought one day I am going to come back to this project and hopefully I will get it done.

Now me and Tom are still developing games. Tom's main project at the moment is working on Epsilon Pangaea and I have been working on a 2D platformer. So that is the end of ZGame.

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