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v0.5 is out with 2 New Game Options, 2 new Factions, 2 new X_Factions, 9 new Maps.

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the longest wait for a new version since the mod exists is finally over!

i wont repeat myself again about how little time i got and about solved personal problems so lets get straight to the fun :)

v0.5 is out with new Features!


First off we have some contributed Content:

1 New Faction: Scavengers from Warzone2100 (all Credit goes to: pollomadafaka)

9 New Custom made maps with mod only content (all Credit goes to: Natertader2004)


My Main feature is a Game Option called "Heroes", when selected you have acces to a new Building the "Portal of Heroes".
You can currently choose between 7 different well knows Hero cameos, some with Tanky Abilities, some more offense orientated and some even, lets say Money orientated.
I dont want to spoil to much, just check them out :)

Also there is now a "Kill Bounties" option that was (until now) only available in RA.

Then we have 2 new X_Factions:
X_All: Builds all available Infantry, Vehicles and Aircrafts
X_Monsters: all units are altered versions of: Zombies, Viceroids, Ants & Dinosaurs.
Zombies & Viceroids will attack in Huge swarms and get back up from a few strong Ants & Dinosaurs.

Furthermore there is now a "Custom" Faction, in this Faction you choose your building options for each queue from one of the existing 8 factions.
(Note that this faction does not work with bots because of practical reasons)

Last but not least the HQ Rader dish for Alpha and Scavengers is now animated :D

Until next time Commanders!

gl & hf


Special Thanks to:
- pollomadafaka
- Natertader2004

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