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v0.4 is out with promised polish, MapPack and SimCity AI

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well what do i have to say besides: it's done! :)

v0.4 is up and running.
it is polished, missing units added, and many other small and tedious things have been accomplished.

The Main changes are:

  • as mentioned SimCity AI when played by bot will assist the next player that he is allied to.
  • huge balancing changes have been made possible thanks to the AI Scripts.
  • The Promised MapPack is included with 20 custom made maps.
  • to put it short - Because it is NOT technicaly possible to add RA maps to CnC i added 2 things from RA to the Map Editor in CnC, these things are: Ore & Ore MInes, Gems & Gem Mines are 1 thing and the 2. is: "Water Cliffs" from RA to make a larger variety of maps Possible. (i did not use this new Tilesets in my maps)

A Changelog with a detailed list of changes is again included in the v0.4 download.

That's it for now, i hope you guys like the balancing changes to SimCity and enjoy the custom maps.

Until next time Commanders!

gl & hf

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