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v0.3 is out with the new playable Faction "SimCity"

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As always is my time limited, i could test and add stuff for ever, but i decided to release v0.3 just now to let you all enjoy the new content that is added.

There is one new crazy playable faction that is support oriented and that faction is "SimCity".

I find the balancing of this faction very hard, so, sorry if it seems unpolished or the balancing is way off, in that case please let me know what to change.

Another huge Versin change is that the experimental factions "Nexus" and "Dominion" have been removed from the game BUT Alpha and Terran, when palyed by bots, gain small advantages like the removed factions did to ensure a balanced gameplay.

last but not least there has been some balancing changes to the "Alpha" factions, mostly nerfs.

This time there is a change log vor v0.3 in the rar file, check it out for detailed change informations.

Thats it for now, i keep you all up to date as good as possible.

gl & hf

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