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Zero Gear beta live on Steam, check out the changes!

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4 days after our beta went live we have a new update for everyone! Here is the changes: Change Log

* Kart physics modified, the kart is much heavier now as well as other subtle tweaks
* Air steering is now only engaged by pressing the steer direction after leaving the ground
* Some maps updated to work better with new kart physics
* Camera adjustments, closer to kart, fixed distance, crosshair added to aim mode
* Ice cube will not ice the player who dropped it behind them when it obviously shouldn't
* Win score changed from 500 to 400 in Tag mode
* All players given springs in Target mode and bumpers removed until they are functional again
* Soccer ball/hockey puck larger and easier to hit
* Country code added to the server browser so you can see how close a server is to you
* Rank sorted correctly in the server browser now
* Setting added to enable the screen blur effect on boost as some players were reporting problems
* The game responds to input correctly after closing the settings or server GUI while in game
* The map change timer works correctly in the server settings GUI
* Map name and server name added to the player roster GUI
* Laps/Place GUI is now visible in spectator mode
* The goal GUI now tells the user which goal they need to shoot the ball/puck into
* The signal GUI will warn the user if they connect to a server with a very large ping
* Upon pressing the reset key, a GUI pops up to notify the user they will soon be reset
* GUI is now visible in Skate
* Newb loading screen key layout image simplified
* Music updated and Hyperduck accessory added (quack quack!!)
* Sound errors no longer print out to the log which seems to prevent the game from slowing down over time
* Bug in sound priority system fixed which should prevent more important sounds (music, engine noises, etc) from cutting out on some sound cards
* Fixed the "Failed to find receive data peer" bug that happened sometimes after exiting the game and starting it again quickly

Go check it out!

RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Awesome update. It's great that you've done adjustments on the karts.

Yesterday I put my hands on those few properties to make it roll less, and it was much better. xD I've wanted to suggest it, but now that it's been done already..

I think there are quite a few more gameplay downsides for the moment, I think I'll collect a small list and report in.

For example I think the ice cube lasts for WAY too long. (in races)
Many times that dropped me from place 1 to place 7.
The reset function is way too slow and feels bugged because of that. It is enough disadvantage to lose all boost/items/time/VELOCITY - no need for additional reset time penalty.
The other weapons can be also very dangerous...too dangerous. The car should just flip over or twist around, while the player should quickly be able to RESET. He will lose the time anyway.
But important is...that reset should be possible quickly, not when you have turned your car around already. (and it resets you anyway..)

The current setup is like..People lose -TONS OF TIME- because of weapons but then, they compensate that lost time with even more BOOST (since you are so far behind).
It's almost a little unfun to play racer after race, and always have to fight against that quite unbalanced system.

imo it should be a little more about driving skills (taking shortcuts, driving corners well, taking boost from driving behind someone), then about random events and forces that constantly kick you out - but boost will help you be on place1 if there's enough time left.. That is a little frustrating for the gamers that search for a game which lies on "skill". Driving on place 1 means absolutely nothing I mean. :P Every second can change that to last place again. (and booster will kick you further again......again and again)

Oh and I also hunger for SDK tools to work on tracks.. xD

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marshmonkey Author
marshmonkey - - 23 comments

thanks for the feedback! It is always difficult to find the right balance between making it challenging for people that have become good at the game, and making sure people who don't have great driving skill still feel like they can do ok.

As for the SDK, we don't specifically have any info for making tracks yet, but graphically they are made the same way as custom items which can be outlined here: Myzerogear.com

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RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Wow didn't know this exists :o Thanks for the link!

Grr, game keeps crashing when I want to load a custom character in the garage. Been trying for several hours now. D: (usually I'm able to figure things out, but this seems impossible to do :P) The SDK doesn't help since it's just raw obj files with no bones etc.
Static meshes are fine and work. Maps haven't tryed..I bet it's going to require some additional automated tools to export scripts?

I hope the Wiki is going to be a little more detailed when the game is out. For example it doesn't say if Skin/Phsysique modifier is required. Or what the bone headanchor should be made of and if it should be rigged with the character etc.

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RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Yeah I understand that!
And I hope it didn't sound harsh, wasn't my intention to do so.

Really, I didn't want to say the game was bad because of this.
I'm just trying to say that I wish to rather have a game that rewards you with your trained skill, rather than random events and benefits that possibly make everybody a winner...not that it isn't a good thing. But there can never be some competitive/serious driving.
(but at the moment I'm getting the idea that servers could control this.. but on the other side...such modifications could be trashing the game - I mean some users would be wanting the stock game back. :P)
I kinda always take that old RC Racing game (you know the name..) as a reference where it worked quite well. (the booster was just a pickup, as far as I can remember)

ok sorry I talk too much about this.. keep on doing the stuff, the update impressed me, it shows how hard you're working to get it done the right way.

I hope I can attract some more friends for this game. B)

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Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Great work will go play again soon :D.

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