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We just made another quick update to Zero Gear live on Steam! This one focuses mostly on improving controller support, as well as a few bug fixes.

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We just made another quick update to Zero Gear live on Steam! This one focuses mostly on improving controller support, as well as a few bug fixes.


Zero Gear Change Log:

* ANALOG CONTROLS SUPPORT ADDED - You can now make use of the full range of control an analog stick provides

* Added support for both keyboard and controller when controller is plugged in

* Added default bindings for the 360 controller (others will work too but may require some extra configuration in settings)

* Bindings added to bind a controller axis to control the camera (defaults to right stick on the 360 controller)

* Fixed error caused by attempting to join a server colored gray

* Fixed kart camera controls being reversed in some cases

* Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining the server if they had a space as the first character in their name

* Mouse visibility removed from roster menu as it was causing the game to lose focus in some cases

RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Now keyboard-bound players are on the disadvantage, right? :S

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OverturnStick - - 38 comments


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InStars - - 670 comments

Because with keyboard you can move to 8 directions, but with analog stick to 360 directions!

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wazanator - - 761 comments

Is the bug where you randomly loose control of your kart gone as well?

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments

Finally, I don't turn left at random during races!

The extra controls were unnecessary, but a nice touch, as was the ability to set the controls used for camera turning. My complaint about these 2 features is that A) You can't set one key to two controls, or the second row one takes over, and B) My camera control using a joystick to look around me is jolty, and often, when trying to view behind me, enjoys taking cornerwise views instead of a straight on back view. Also the D pad cannot seem to be used for camera control, or at least mine wouldn't.

Other bugs I ran into with friends that I had not ever had happen before is: My friends all showed up as the same ENTIRE character creation as I had. I was flung before the explosion actually happened (Less then 100 ping servers). Upon being iced and slowely sliding off a cliff, my controls became locked, until I clicked esc and resumed game. Mines launched forward appeared above my head and exploded instantly without enemies being withing 100 feet.

After finally getting all my controls working correctly, I was glad to do a full race, using a gamepad, without turning left off a few cliffs.

That being said, we're rdy 4 sum new trax nao plox :3
Great work! Be waiting for future updates! Until then, I has some racing to do!

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RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Analog input always has an advantage over digital input.

With analog you can fine tune your steering whilst with digital input you have to be tipping the keys real quick/short to achieve near the same effect.

Just like steerings wheels give in other racing games.

If you feel that analog controls are worse, then that is your personal lack of practice.

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jeffr - - 383 comments

I don't think that is a good reason not to have support for it though. It's like saying that Half Life shouldn't have mouselook because that is an advantage over keyboarders.

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RED-FROG - - 380 comments

What are "keyboarders" ?
Everybody using Windows is using a mouse.
Your argument has failed.

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CelsiusDegree - - 6 comments

Right now, it's just another multiplayer cart game.
However it would become a totally unique experience if you just enabled a split-screen mode. Think about it.
People love Trine and the Lego games for being able to play together on just one computer - that's what makes these games quite unique and different from all the online-based multiplayer titles.

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