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We've had some awesome coverage through Youtube, also our downloads are down!

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After our first pre-alpha release over a week ago we've had some really great feedback, as well as some helpful criticisms. One thing I don't think we were prepared for was Youtube! A few people so far have made playthrough videos of our release, and they've all been awesome.

EaglEyeLoco with Indie Spotted

ZenAndCyrrene with Weird Game Madness!


Dr. Cooldude with easily the best montage I've ever seen

All of this is on the one hand overwhelming, while on the other amazingly motivating. We aren't going to let you guys down!

Speaking of being overwhelmed, Google Drive is throwing a 403 for the Windows download of the pre-release build, so you can get it from here until that sorts itself out: Craig.gy

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