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Features features features! Coding, scenes, lots of juicy stuff.

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Quite a quick addition of news but the coding work continues. I will first explain it for thoseof you whom have played our mod, and then slightly more in depth if not ;P

  • Spear bracing is added (press B while standing still with a spear and the cavelry will be impaled on it, AI should automaticly do this when standing still with a spear)
  • Right Hand and Left Hand are now Wraith lords
  • Ability to call your horse in battle is added, if you loose it you can still get it back
  • Your now able to play as your companions in battle.
  • Lords, now lords have been fixed in many, many different ways.

There are now different 'levels' of lord, ranging from Lieutenant to King and then on again for specal lords, they have different army sizes, for example:

-Faction Leader - over 200
-Generals - over 130
-Captain - Over 50
-Lieutenant - Over 30

  • If factions are at peace there is now a 90% percent chance they will declare war on one and other, amoungst many things this will make the war more chaotic and also make you have to think twice about which faction you join, you can't have some of everything if your in a faction
  • Current year is 1452 AC, this is a feature which wasen't in before ^^
  • Many more lords in general aswell, some factions have more than others, ranging from about 15 right up to 30-35
  • New seige scenes which are faction spesifc now. There are some images posted in the gallery
  • New side quests added.

Okay if that confused you, or you haven't played mount and blade, the should go check out taleworlds.com and have a look around, that should explain all the easier questions, below there is an FAQ in spoilers if your having trouble with anything. Yeah, hope you guys had a good newyear.

Thats me out!

(Q) How do I install the mod?
(A) Simply extract the mod out into the Module folder in your mount and Blade Directory. This can be located in C:\Program Files\Mount&Blade\Modules or if your a steam user in C:\Steam\Steamapps??\Mount&Blade\Modules

(Q) Why can't I kill the masked one?
(A) In the current version, it is imposible to kill the masked one without cheating. This will be changed when the quest is made. Just wait.

(Q) I got a quest from a man, but I can't find the town I have to go to.
(A) This might be fixed in the current version, but if its not, it is simply the wrong town name and will be changed in the future versions.

(Q) I can't win the last quick battle
(A) Without large ammounts of skill and luck, you wont be able to. The resons for this will become apparant in later versions of the Mod.

(Q)Why do I start above level 1?
(A) This is a bug we currently haven't fixed.

(Q)How do I play as a companion??
(A) Before you enter battle, you will see options.

-Change Commander
-Charge the enemy
-Order your troops to attack without you.

Select "Change Commander."

(Q)How do I call in reinforcements?
(A) Press U on your keyboard in battle. Reinforcements will arrive.

(Q)I get unable to load texture ... when I try and play
(A) Megaupload.com download this and put it in your mod folder

(Q)The mod takes AGES to download
(A) Try our secondary donwload link here: Forums.taleworlds.com

(Q) I can find a 'twin' of myself in the Unknown Area!
(A) Yes, this is a known bug we currently have no idea how to fix

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