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The first release of YAGeSM and it's features listed.

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Version 1.0

Get the latest 3.2 Beta release (3.2.0 Beta 3) here: Sourceforge.net

Random YAGeSM PictureRandom YAGeSM Picture

Random YAGeSM PictureRandom YAGeSM Picture


Extract it to the game's root folder (Windows user example: C:/Program Files/Warzone 2100-3.2.0_beta3).

Make sure the file (yagesm_v1.wz) is placed on the following path: Warzone 2100-3.2.0_beta3/mods/multiplay

Create a shortcut of the game's executable (warzone2100.exe), then add --mod_mp=yagesm_v1.wz to the shortcut's target you recently created.

For windows users, it looks something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Warzone 2100-3.2.0_beta3\warzone2100.exe" --mod_mp=yagesm_v1.wz


Without further ado, straight to the point.

Maximum and minimum elevation values for all weapons are set to 90 and -90 respectively. This makes sure no matter which elevation your opponent's units are, your ground/air units will have no problem engaging them. The same applies to your opponents.

Cyborgs weapons no more have inferior attack range compared to their vehicle variants

All weapons (except howitzers, ripple rocket and archangel missile) have their attack range increased by 2 tiles (256 units). Direct-fire units can now battle each other for a slightly longer distance.

Weapons inherited with minimum attack range value will no longer be prevented from firing if too close from their targets.

Direct-fire weapons (except Bomb Bays) have their projectile flight speed increased twice.

The mod fixes an issue introduced on the first 3.2 Beta release (3.2.0 Beta 1), where rate of fire upgrades would not take effect on burst-fire weapons on both single player and multiplayer modes. Since YAGeSM is a one-player skirmish/multiplayer/coop modification mod, the fix only applies for multiplayer mode. The next version of the game 3.2.0 Beta 4 will apply the fix for all modes.

The structure limits list for one-player skirmish/multiplayer/coop modes has been considerably expanded, opening the door for more gameplay variations. Factory module, power module and research module can now be disabled on the list, preventing players from applying modules for the core structures (Factory, VTOL Factory, Power Generator and Research Facility).

Disabling the Factory Module will prevent players from manufacturing medium and heavy vehicles, as well the Cyborg Transport and Super (Vehicle) Transport.

Disabling the Power Generator will force players to be more cautious when managing their resources.

Disabling the Research Module will drastically reduce the speed of the arms race between players.

All sensor tower types can be limited or disabled on the list, so you can choose between disabling them entirely, leaving players with no other choice but to use mobile sensors, or limit them to a determined number, before forcing players to rely on mobile sensors.

The remaining structures added to the limits list are: Oil Derrick (100), Hardcrete Wall (100), Hardcrete Gate (100), Tank Traps (100), Cannon Fortress (100), Heavy Rocket Bastion (100), Mass Driver Fortress (100), Missile Fortress (100).

The mod also increases the limits for structures already present on the list: Power Generator (10 -> 25), Research Facility (5 -> 15), Repair Facility (10 -> 100), VTOL Rearming Pad (50 -> 100).

And lastly, the mods expands air-to-air/air-to-ground combat options by adding more weapons to be mounted on VTOL aircrafts. The weapons added are: Twin Assault Gun, Medium Cannon, Heavy Cannon, Twin Assault Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Gauss Cannon, Hurricane AA Turret, Whirlwind AA Turret, AA Flak Cannon, Avenger SAM, Vindicator SAM, Stormbringer AA Turret, EMP Cannon, Flamer, Inferno, Plasmite Flamer, Nexus Link Turret.


Is Badass Combine dead?

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CoRuJa Author

No, it's just put on hold, unfortunately.

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