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See what's new in the beta version of XENON! One week countdown for final release!

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Thanks to the feedback to our Beta release. XENON has come to its public polish release. Today we are more than excited to share with you what’s new in the polish version and what the future steps will be. Again, the final version of our game will be released on April 23, 2019, at EECS494 Game Design Showcase at UM. You are always welcome to share your idea on our game with us!

What's New? What' the Motivation?

Juiciness! Juiciness! Juiciness! has been the main focus of this week’s iteration. Also, a lot of edge case bugs have been fixed!


  • What’s new: We’ve optimized the physical system for moving, and throwing so that it’s more smooth and natural. Also, bugs have been fixed for the movement. Motivation: To make the control smooth and intuitive.
  • What’s new: Modify the tutorial scene. Add the indicator for which team has finished the current tutorial and which team has not. Motivation: To make the process of the tutorial more smooth and more intuitive. More guide is given subtly this way.
  • What’s new: Modify the player selection scene. Now the player doesn’t need to choose his player. It has been designated for him in advance. Motivation: After deliberate consideration and given the feedback during the playtesting, we don’t think it necessary for the players to choose their players.


  • What’s new: We’ve added the main camera movement during the play scene. Now the camera will move slightly according to the position of the players. Motivation: To make the game scene juicier and in order to give the players a sense of the depth of the environment setting.
  • What’s new: Changed the color of the storing bar. Motivation: To make the storing bar apparent before the storage area.
  • What’s new: Improved the ending scene. Now the city will be lit according to the winning team’s color. Finally, the theme of the game has been added to the gameplay. Motivation: This might be the most crucial scene to add the theme to our game. The XENON energons are served to light the city, and the two teams are combatting to decide which color to use to light the city!

Next Steps

The next iteration will be XENON Gold, which will be the final release of our game. During the next week we will focus on,

  • Fix all the bugs found.
  • Make sure that everything works well and prepare for the final release.
  • Maybe change some animations and add some mechanism to make the game juicier.
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