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Post news RSS Xash3D build 2223 + XashXT v0.62 are released!

Hello again, it's another double update of Xash3D Engine and XashXT toolkit. New versions of the engine and toolkit are including a lot of fixes for different problems plus some new features.

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Hello again, it's another double update of Xash3D Engine and XashXT toolkit. New versions of the engine and toolkit are including a lot of fixes for different problems plus some new features.

Xash3D Engine changelog (for build 2223, since build 2153):

Engine: added support for maps (only maps!) created for alpha version of Half-Life (with BSP version 29).
Engine: added support for "nomodels" option in liblist.gam (for disabling of using any model for player except models\player.mdl).
Engine: fixed problem with activating of a mod if it has a "." (dot) symbol in a name of its' main folder.
Render: renamed missed cvar "r_anisotropy" to real name "gl_anisotropy".
Render: now "r_speeds 4" displays an actual count of "real" static entities which were created by call of MAKE_STATIC function.
Render: fixed bug with blinking of Quake sky while autosave in progress.
Render: keep actual hardware gamma for multiple instances of application.
Render: fixed an invisibility of map objects created by using of transparent textures with RenderFX=15 setting (rarely used in some mods).
Client: a new callback for render interface that is calling R_DrawCubemapView (for fixing of cmd "envshot" in XashXT).
Client: changed path and names for screenshots which are saving by "screenshot" command from "modfolder\scrshots\mapname\shotXXXX.bsp" to "modfolder\scrshots\mapname_shotXXXX.bsp" (for easy browsing and operations with files).
Client: engine is using callback CL_CameraOffset now.
Client: fixed angles for cmd "envshot".
Client: fixed disabling of custom gravity settings on a map for player after using a ladder.
Server: fix for client's rejection mechanism (in multiplayer game).
Server: using pfnClientDisconnect callback (in multiplayer game).
Server: some changes in physics code (for MOVETYPE_PUSH). This is fixing a variety of possible problems with pushable objects (and sometimes - with a monster's or NPC's physics) in some Half-Life mods.

A compatibility of Xash3D Engine with GoldSrc Engine was additionally tested since build 2153 in about of 150 different mods and for now a list of successfully completed mods includes over 350 singleplayer mods. So don't forget to check the updated list. In addition to the list of tested Half-Life mods was also created a list of tested singleplayer maps, which already includes over 100 different maps.

XashXT changelog (for version 0.62, since version 0.61):

- Implemented a new system of save/restore (an analog of save/restore system that avaliable in Half-Life 2).
- You can view now a classes' statistics with using of in-game console (a set of commands beginning from dump_*).
- Custom system of string_t for better sorting and checking for duplicates (improving of render's performance).
- Env_sky can be enabled and disabled now, so you can use some different skies for one map.
- Minimizing of glitches with entities which sometimes can be visible through a skybox.
- Added player_keycatcher entity for checking keys that pressing by a player. It can be useful for creating of mini-games or for executing of different events for the player (depending on pressed keys).
- Some fixes in XashXT parent system (for func_tank, tripmines and crossbow bolts).
- Added a support for using of a chrome effect for brush entities and world (used texture should have a name that beginning from "chrome", as example, gfx/chrome.tga is using now). Chrome effect can be combined with any rendermode and with mirrors also.
- XashXT demo maps are updated.

Don't forget that you must have a properly working combination of Xash3D Engine and Half-Life prior to installing of XashXT, because it's a mod and toolkit, not a stand-alone game. Check this instruction if you are new with Xash3D or XashXT. It's also recommended do not copy new version of XashXT over old version. Install it anew instead and backup the old version in another folder (if you need something there) or just delete it.

P. S. Probably it's the last official Xash's update until the autumn, because Unkle Mike will be very busy for this time. But your feedback is still welcome and you still can get a help if you need it.

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