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Post news RSS WreckBox v0.0.2 is released

New version of a game is released. See release notes under cut.

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Current changes:
[Fixed] Mass recalculating after scaling of object
[Fixed] Exception when changing forces applied to an object
[Fixed] Debug vectors (i.e. show force/rforce/impulse) toggle reinitialization.
[Updated] New saving system (platform independent saves). Current release does not contain online saving feature
[Fixed] Recalculating of shapes for some objects (ring/ thorus) after scaling
[Fixed] Materials colors after reloading scene
[Fixed] Loosing object's mass after moving it with static hand tool
[Fixed] Motor joint "up direction" bug
[Fixed] Hint on grouping objects was not always displayed
[Updated] Force gizmo is became acceleration gizmo (you can view forces applied to objects with debug vectors at options menu)
[Added] Show net acceleration of objects (vector displayed the sum of all accelerations of an object). You can toggle it at debug vectors in physics settings menu.
[Fixed] Joint's handles clearing when joint was broke off.
[Fixed] Dbreakable joints parameters was not correctly set
[Updated] Group moving with static hand tool is now became more smooth

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