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The Wraith Hive Ships are starting their engines for Hyperspace Drive.

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Directed by their Queens, the Hive Ships are the most destructive weapons the Wraith have. They are transport ships for troops and the smaller Darts. Equipped with laser weapons of enormous power, even the Deadalus with it's strong shields can not take a fight against a Hive Ship easily. They have a nearly unbreakable beam in and out barricade, they function as large mobile prisons and are able to travel through Hyperspace although they will always need to regenerate for a certain time afterwards.

Based up on the Model by Fiender, the Hive Ships were now completely remodeled to let you explore the ultimate weapons of the Wraith on your own.

Also, I would like to invite everyone to join the GoA Forum to bring life into this still quiet place. There is no need to register to answer threads.

Wallpaper Screenshot


looking forward to this, good work guys!

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