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New 0.009 Version for Worlds a Pokemon fan made project.

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Worlds : Pokemon 3D

Zone 1 1

Versión Notes:

On this version there is a new first tutorial,that use a better logic for the ui,and fix some bugs on it as well,also it has the first wild zone and the A_1 was moved so the first town now connects to the first zone and not the A_1 ,if you want to go to the A_1 you will have to go north,east on the first wild zone.Some Pokemons can only be found on the A_1 zone (electrode,poliwag)

Zone 1 7

  • The first town was changed so it can be used later on for when i add the open world option.
  • When you finish the tutorial you will get an extra 500 of money when you get your first pokemon.
  • Added First Wild Zone but still need more vegetation (will be added after alpha)
  • Fix some bugs on the Scripted part where you get your first pokemon
  • Change the way the languages databases are handled ,now they are a script and not a scriptable object
  • Change from character controller to navmeshagent again so you won't be able to get into the water on the first tutorial zone
  • The Open World Concept is on hold until i find out how to fix some errors on unity when moving from a zone to another zone

Zone 1 6


Most Of the controls are explained during the tutorial but some are not, so here a list of them:

  1. Movement = A,S,D,W
  2. Camera Movement = left click on the mouse
  3. Change from normal mode to free mode on the camera = Click middle mouse button
  4. Zoom in and out = scroll middle mouse button
  5. Go to first person view = zoom in to the max with scroll up on the middle mouse button
  6. Select different pokemon on your team = 1,2,3,4,5,6 on the keyboard pad numbers
  7. Release Pokemon = press "Alt" and aim then to confirm press left click on mouse
  8. Switch control(when your pokemon out) = "Tab"
  9. Call back Pokemon = "Alt"
  10. Inventory = "I"
  11. Shortcuts = "f1,f2,f3,f4,f5"
  12. Capture pokemon = Add a pokeball to a shortcut ,point the fainted pokemon with the mouse and then press the shortcut that has the pokeball.

Zone 1 2 1

Plans For Next Update:

For the next update i will:

  • Fix some bugs that were reported on the forums and facebook
  • Create one or more skills
  • Start blocking out the second wild zone
  • Add few vegetation on the first zone
  • Add effect for the healing machine
  • Add few sound effects
  • Fix the doors ,on this version you can walk through them

Note that this project still on early development and there may be some bugs that i didn't find so if you find any ,you can help by reporting them on the forums or just send me a message on facebook.
Zone 1 4 1


Worlds is a fan made game from a fan for fans and it's totally free.
And don't claim to own the pokemons, they are own by Nintendo/Game Freak Inc/Creatures Inc.,

Nor is Worlds Affiliated or is supported by Nintendo/Game Freak Inc./Creatures Inc.

Worlds is in no way to trying to compete with Nintendo/Game Freak Inc./Creatures Inc.

Worlds: Pokemon 3D

V0.009 PC Version:
Wolrds:Pokemon 3d - V0.009_PC
V0.009 Mac Version:
Wolrds:Pokemon 3d - V0.009 Mac

Facebook Page: Worlds Facebook Page
Forum: Worlds.boards.net

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