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Brutal Nature 0.26 has been released! First time on Indie DB.

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.26 and is now up on IndieDB. Download and try it today!

What is Brutal Nature you ask? its a multiplayer sandbox game where anything can be created or destroyed. It is about survival, mining resources, building structures, crafting items and combat.

0.25 Screenshots0.25 Screenshots

Change log:

  • Changed spawning to place you somewhere NPCs can't see you.
  • Added Vision to NPCs, they now only attack if they see you.
  • Reduced network bandwidth used. Object updates are now sent compressed.
  • Mining terrain now uses up endurance.
  • Added endurance drain when butchering, skinning and chopping down trees.
  • Objects now die when leaving world bounds.
  • Server now takes 0.5 seconds to shut down and save instead of 20 seconds.
  • Reduced stutters in frame rate by pooling more memory allocations.
  • Fixed movement bug at low FPS.
  • Added Camp fire/Bon fire objects.
  • Added Cooking recipes for roast bear meat and bear jerky.
  • Unreachable servers will no longer display on server browser.
  • Added Grenade launcher, 50 grenades and some food to default spawn inventory.
  • Added server start up and shut down script callbacks
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