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World 4 is being tested, level 5-1 available for testing too

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After several days of improving world 4, improving GUI (mostly menus and prompts) and working slowly on tiles and sprites for world 5, I've released alpha which features level 5-1 and all the previous improvements, including a bit better sprite for the Goblin. Finally, we get to see the Castle Keep... Well, not really. No pictures nor videos today, sorry folks.

Still waiting for the good people who are doing the testing on world 4 to report any bugs. Haven't started work on Legend besides making space for it in the main menu, but I have decided on five meals to be featured in the recipes. I'll do that alongside the world 5 levels during late October and November. I expect to have all the story levels and maybe even a challenge level by the end of November, when I'll start implementing Steamworks features (achievements, cloud save, leader-boards for challenge) and start closed beta testing of Steam version.

Release date? Still not sure, but either early December or late January most likely. Depends on the progress and my other duties in life.

Recent devlog:

[Major] Build

  • Improved goblin sprite
  • Added more tiles and items for world 5
  • Added level 5-1

[Minor] Build

  • Added gamepad prompts along existing keyboard prompts
  • Added "how to cancel" info to keyboard configuration utility
  • Improved dog sprites and made the level 4-4 more dog-friendly
  • Slightly adjusted the position of title in credits section
  • Ubuntu EA release updated to the latest version

[Minor] Build

  • Added initial tiles and background for world 5
  • Added announcement sounds for world 4
  • Added option to set sensitivity of analogue controller (joystick threshold can be set in 5 steps from 40 to 80%)
  • Testing a new font, minor changes to the credits section

[Minor] Build

  • Pressing ESC will now cancel rebinding of keyboard keys
  • Extended gamepad support from partial to full (you don't have to use keyboard in any situation at all)
  • Changed max number of lives for "old school" difficulty from 3 to 4 (still starting with 3 lives as usual)

[Major] Build

  • Boss #4,
  • story screens before and after it,
  • Map screen #5
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