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I'm working on world #2 - Cursed graveyard. This includes new enemies, tiles, backgrounds, sounds...

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I've started working on levels for the second world the other day, and level #1 is mostly done by now.

I've have it drawn on paper, I've created animated sprites for several new enemies including skeleton warriors, zombies and ghosts (some are fully coded, others need some AI improvements) and even a new trap - horizontally moving circular saw.

For now I'm using the same ground tile with grass added on top. Not sure if that's a smart move, but it makes my job a lot easier and it works in game, so I might leave it like this. Background music is playing and it's adequate for the spooky setting I think, but I still need to create parallax backgrounds and add crooked tombstones and other spooky things to the tile set.

Once all the levels for this world are done, there should be a demo available for everyone to test the game for free. I hope I'll get some more comments and critiques then.

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