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Started setting up the spells that will make it to the game.

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Have been working on setting up the spell chart for the Mage, so far so good even though everything is not set in stone or even thought out yet. My starting point with this game was to only do mages since I always shy away from the classes who uses magic since they are often more punishing to play with, gothic 1 for example. Then I started thinking that might be boring and thought about adding Warrior (strictly melee, no magic, heavy armor) and Demon Hunter or Cleric (ranged (bow/crossbows) and lighter melee weapons, light/medium armor, basic spells) so I have been sketching a bit on those. However, will work strictly on the Mage for now, being a one man team creates the need for limitations. Will start working on the models for the staffs this week ( one staff per branch).

So, the Mage looks like this for now:

Comments and suggestions are highly welcome, I enjoy discussing these kind of things :)

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