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startarea: Scripting-95% Map making-99% Main lobby: Scripting-0% Map Makeing-3% Basement: Scripting-0% Map makeing-0% Other Parts are not made up yet! Give us ideas and thoughts and well will try are best at new things!

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Please give us some ideas by reading the main idea of the Custom Story and posting a comment on a new area name or a scare we could put in!

Please leave a comment and track this mod and give us a like!

Main idea of the Custom map!
You are a single dad, your wife died 3 years ago but you have a 5 year old daughter. One night there was a big storm while you and your daughter were out and away from your house. So you checked in to a hotel near where you were. The next day you woke up but didn't see your daughter you must find her!

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