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New game modes are coming up in the next major release. Hopefully it will be the next, and will be out for Christmas. Fingers crossed.

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With version 1.2.2 out I finally think the controls are good enough for beginners, and expert Space Fighters as well. So I'm back to work on version 1.3, which will feature a new game mode for both single and multi-player modes. It will be an endless shooter mode with an end ;) You'll have 1 minute to shoot as many evil alien drones, as you can. You'll have to fight one at a time, but the drones will respawn as soon as they die. There's going to be a heroic single player mode as well, where you need to deal with 2 drones at a time.
Of course after 1 minute the meteor storm will come and wipe everything out as usual. The multiplayer version of this game mode will be a co-op game, where the players will fight against a matching number of alien drones! I'm also going to implement a new scoring mechanism for them with Game Center leaderboards. Hopefully this will be out for Christmas, so you can play together with family members! I'm planning to further enhance the game with boss fights in the version afterwards, so stay tuned!

Any thoughts? Feel free to comment!

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