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As the work on the patch of World of Padman version 1.2 is nearly finished, we decided to release it on December 6th 2007.

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As the work on the patch of World of Padman version 1.2 is nearly finished, we decided to release it on December 6th 2007. Like already mentioned it will bring about 100 fixes and changes to the current public version and bring some new additions too. The following list should give you a short overview about the most important things to come.

1. Bugfixes

  • exploit with Punchy in sprayroom fixed
  • external http download works now with windows client
  • several fixes in boaster weapon code and slick entities are better handled
  • a huge number of fixes in LPS game mode like removed ghost names and bodies in intermission screen
  • missing clip brush added in TrashMap and Imperius removed in CybBath BB version
  • several fixes in menu and HUD like arrows to scroll the server list and missing level shots
  • vote menu works correct now with warmup time

2. Changes

  • game speed reduced noticeably
  • improved weapons balance in relation to changed game speed
  • aim accuracy has been throttled for all bots, skill 1 and 2 will be much easier
  • wallhack names changed to an icon in LPS game mode
  • needed time for capture-actions in BB game mode are divided by the number of players which are involved in this action (team capturing)
  • Padpower, Puppet Master and Visionless graphic effects also affect collected cartridges the player holds in SyC game modes
  • Puppet Master is weaker then before
  • complete item placement overhaul in Backyard map
  • new options in menus added (flares, autoswitch music, etc)

3. New content

  • GlowStar's Anteroom added
  • skin "MonsterHawk" for "MonsterPad" player model added
  • two new songs added to the "Green Sun" music pack

... and much much more! A detailed list will be shipped with the patch. Stay tuned! The patch will be released for Windows and Linux systems. Mac user will have to wait a little more, sorry for this.


congrats on yet another release guys

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Will this release fix issues with dual-core systems?

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Kai-Li Author

What issues do you mean? The quake 3 engine is not optimized for multi core systems. It usually uses only one core.

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Actually I experience abysmal framerates during any sort of action. It can't possibly be my graphics card (8800 GTS) so the most likely culprit would be my 2.2 dual opteron. I'm also aware that this is a Q3 issue as I have the same problems running Warsow (or any other Q3 game for that matter), and setting the core affinity to a single core fixes the problem. I was hoping that there was something the Q3 modders had up their sleeves to make Q3 run smoother on dual core technology, but I suppose not. :P

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